Olivier Brossard was born in 1974 in Lyon, France

A world away from common art practices, Olivier Brossard constructs narratives that are troubled, intimate, and instinctive. His research invokes our relationship with time, space, and the Earth—as one might blaze a path through an otherworldly reality, a dramatic space that leaves the viewer destabilized by a fragile kind of strangeness. Since first participating in the Circulation(s) Festival of Young European Photographers held in Paris in 2013, Olivier Brossard has exhibited at several festivals in France and throughout Europe. The book dummy version of the Abnormally Jade project was selected for various events, including Encontro da Imagem (Portugal), Unseen Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Moscow Photobookfest (Russia), and also received the Audience Award at the La Photo Book festival in Aix-en-Provence. Olivier Brossard is a member of Studio Hans Lucas, based in Paris.